Sunday Morning Bible Classes – 9:30 AM
Sunday Morning Worship – 10:30 AM
Wednesday Youth Group Gathering 7:00 PM
Wednesday Bible Classes in person and on Zoom – 7:00 PM

Pre-Teen Ministry

Our fifth and sixth grade kids are our preteens. These kids are changing so fast physically, mentally, socially and spiritually…and all at one time! We have created an environment just for them! An environment that will help each student to continue on their journey of discovering their uniqueness, and to affirm their value to God and to society. With patience and a gentle spirit we allow each student to freely process information as they form their opinions.

We challenge each student by encouraging leadership, but applauding those who are followers. We promote service to others and personal prayer and Bible reading time. Through open-ended questions and a variety of activities, we encourage the students to begin owning their faith.